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Messaggio da Daniele » mer dic 10, 2008 17:33

During the GAMECON convention in Naples the theme for next year contest was announced. So we are now posting here the complete contest announcement. This is not the final version (it could be slightly different). The final version will soon be published on the Lucca Comics and Games website and on the Davinci Games website.

There is a difference with last year: we added some detail about the game lenght.

Here is the announcement.


Once again, Lucca Games and daVinci Games promote the “Premio per il miglior Gioco Inedito” (Best Unpublished Game Award), currently in its twenty-second edition.
At the present year the contest will have the same prize awarded for the past five years: publication and marketing of the winning game and professional high-quality editing by daVinci Games.
The contest is also open to games submitted in English, i.e. for authors from any country. The promoters of this competition reserve the right to publish any or all of the contest entries in electronic format on the Lucca Comics & Games website. The jury will select the best entries, which will become finalists, from the entries received before the contest deadline. The finalist games then will be shown to the audience during the annual Lucca Games Con. At that time, the winner of the contest will be selected and announced by the jury.
Games submitted in this competition must meet the technical requirements listed in this announcement. Selections will be based on the following criteria: originality, playability, meeting publication standards, artistic quality, and cultural quality; not necessarily in this order. The graphic of the entries will NOT be considered by the jury but the author of the game needs to make sure that all pictures are clear and all texts easy to read. Games that might be considered difficult to be published on an international scale will receive a negative score; we suggest that the amount of text should be either limited or avoided altogether, or the use of internationally known words, pictures, or symbols. This is only a suggestion, however, and not a mandatory requirement.
The average duration of a match will be subjected to the jury evaluation. Based on the kind of product (a card game) it is suggested to project games with an average game duration of 15-30 minutes at maximum. This suggestion, too, is not a mandatory requirement.
Games submitted to the contest must meet the following requirements (games failing to meet the requirements will be automatically excluded from the contest):

• the minimum number of players is two and at the end of the game there must be one or more winners (draws are allowed).;

• the main inspiring theme of the game, for this edition, is “15 MINUTES”

• the game must be comprised of a maximum of 110 cards in a 6x9 cm format, which can be freely divided into more decks by different backsides;

• cards backsides must be black/white; multiple patterns are allowed;

• rules must be written in Italian or English and printable on A4 or A5 paper sheets, featuring no more than 10,000 typed characters. They should contain no more than six A4 sheets, including covers. Images in the rulebook and on the covers are allowed. It is suggested to include examples of game playing situations;

• the first page of the rules must include: the number of players allowed (min-max), the average length of a game and the name of the author(s) (or his/her nickname);

• the author must send the game in an electronic and printed format:
�� the printed copies must be two and complete: they should include all the cards printed and cut, and the rules (so two complete games and two rulebooks);
�� the electronic version must include:
1) a file for the complete deck containing all the cards (even those cards appearing more than once). The cards should fit on A4 paper sheets (9 cards for each sheet, so that there are no more than 13 sheets for the front sides and 13 more for the back sides);
2) a separate file with the rulebook;
3) a file for the presentation of the game including:
- an abstract of the game’s mechanics (maximum 1000 characters). This should describe how the game works, rather than the game’s setting;
- name of the author (or of all the authors if more than one);
- complete address of one of the authors and his/her e-mail address;
- website of the author/s, if any, and list of other games created by him/her/them;
- title of the game;
- minimum/maximum number of players allowed;
- minimum age for playing (as suggested by the author; please point out any play-testing done);
- average game playing time;
4) allowed file extensions are: pdf, doc, txt, rtf, jpg, bmp, gif. We suggest to use the pdf format, converting any file to this format by using one of the many freeware applications available on the net (such as, for example: http://www.pdfdesk.com/winpdf.html), or OpenOffice (http://www.openoffice.org). Graphics should be compressed so to maintain file size reasonably small.
Files must be sent on a physical support (CD-ROM or DVD); it is not allowed to send files by e-mail.
The two printed copies of the game must have all the cards already printed and cut (the game must be playable out-of-the-box) and they must be sent along with your electronic version.

All the components must be mailed (at the expense of the author) to:

Gioco Inedito
Lucca Comics&Games
Casella Postale 207
I-55100 Lucca, Italy

Games may also be hand-delivered or sent via express courier to the following address:

Gioco Inedito
Lucca Comics&Games
Via della Cavallerizza, 11
I-55100 Lucca, Italy


• This call for entries is published on the Lucca Comics & Games website, where the organization may publish any other required clarification regarding this contest, if necessary.

• Competition organizers will reply to any questions asked by the authors on a specific forum on the Lucca Comics & Games website.

• By submitting their games to this contest, the authors agree to the publication of their designs (without any modification) on the website, from where they may be freely downloaded. Any personal information (pictures included) about the author, that is included in the rulebook file and in the deck file, may be made public. The authors agree on publishing their personal information included in these two files by participating to the contest. The personal data file will be only used for competition purposes and never transferred to third parties.

• The contest organizers reserve the right to change the graphic layout of the games submitted to the contest, and will contact the author for any necessary changes to the game rules before final publication. A lack of collaboration on the author side will not prevent the game from winning, but it may compromise the commercial publication of the entry, which, in this case, will be awarded to the author of the second-place game.

• The author(s) of the winning game will receive 100 copies of the game free of charge, published by Lucca Comics & Games and daVinci Games, as a full royalty payment for the game. The other copies will either be shipped to dealers or kept by Lucca Comics & Games for promotional purposes. The organizers will decide how to divide the copies after the end of the competition. The copyrights for any other publication of the game belong to daVinci Games, which will offer, in that case, a specific contract to the author.

• Any entries containing pornographic, vulgar, or extremely violent content or with explicit references to copyright protected works/characters/images will immediately be disqualified.

• The contest deadline is Tuesday, June the 30st, 2009. Any entries received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration, regardless of the shipping date.

• The organizers are available for any questions regarding this announcement until the deadline mentioned above.

• In case of any dispute the Italian version of the document is the legally binding one.

• Members of Lucca Comics & Games or the staff of daVinci Games will not be allowed to participate in this competition.