10 ways to take care of your skin and 10 skin care for dry skin girls

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10 ways to take care of your skin and 10 skin care for dry skin girls

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The problem that girls with dry skin are most afraid of is wrinkles, premature aging skin! Signs are evident when the skin is dehydrated. and the problem of not sticking makeup on the flaky face will follow The solution is clearly visible. Take care of your skin both internally and externally. along with lifestyle environment factor not only destroys the protective layer of the skin but also reduce the level of moisture causing inflammation and melasma problems Let's see how to take care of your skin.

· Avoid being in an air-conditioned room with low humidity.
· Avoid from fatigue and stress
· Avoid from UV rays.
· Avoid areas exposed to dry air.
· Avoid hot baths.
· Avoid being in a place with a lot of pollution or dust
· Avoid products containing alcohol, perfumes and colourants.
· Drink enough water.
· Wash your face thoroughly.
· Take care of your skin regularly and choose a skin care that is suitable for your skin type.

It's important to properly nourish your skin. The skin care that is used must focus on moisturizing. Penetrates deep into the skin and prevents evaporation of water from the skin. Help this dry face problem go away! The skin will be soft, moist, not peeling, not flaky anymore.

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