5 popular questions that you must meet when you go home

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5 popular questions that you must meet when you go home

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Songkran is a long holiday. This is an opportunity for everyone to have free time. And most of them will travel back home to find their lover and family for teenagers, school age, working age. When you go back to your family reunion, have you ever encountered a question that you didn't want to answer? And it will be a series of same questions over and over again. Let's share experiences in this article. (In this article, collect the most popular questions that many people have come across.)

A collection of popular questions that adults like to ask

at school age
1. What faculties do you study?
Ask about school, what department, where, and then talk about your own children or grandchildren to compare. in a way that is better than us

2. What is your grade?
It is not yet finished enough to know the faculty. You will be asked how many grades have you studied. and enter the original stage If a child or grandchildren gets a better grade, they will say over it. But if not, he wouldn't talk about it. If you don't believe me, try to notice.

3. Where do you work?
Where are you guys working and what are you doing? It's your nephew and aunt. Work here and there. good like this It's a question that pops up. to show off their own

4. How much salary do you get?
Questions not to ask Even though parents haven't asked, many people will complain in their hearts If you tell me how much It may be discussed back. or if you say that you have less will be accused of doing it, why there is no future

After working for a while
5. Do you have a boyfriend or when will you get married?
I haven't seen my girlfriend come to see it at all. If the answer is no, they will be told that they will be on the beam soon. If you say you have it, but you're not ready, bring it. Be careful of being deceived. I have no good. There is a place to raise us. We don't have to have enough to marry.

So, if any question can be answered, answer it. Any questions you don't want to answer, avoid them. Don't show dissatisfaction towards your elder relatives because they will look unattractive Finally, wish everyone a safe journey home. Be prepared to answer questions as well.

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