6 ways to buy + eat celery (CELERY) to get the most benefit

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6 ways to buy + eat celery (CELERY) to get the most benefit

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I told you that in (The permanent secretary didn't say) really with Celery from the article on Celery, low calories, antioxidants. And what else is good? allowing us to know the benefits in other respects of celery for health, whether

It reduces inflammation in the digestive tract, cells, blood vessels and organs.
Helps reduce stomach ulcers improve the gastric mucosa
It has a low sodium and glycemic index, which means it has a better effect on blood sugar.
for incoming and want to follow in with celery juice I would like to recommend you to buy vegetables correctly and safely for maximum benefit. Therefore, I have a way to buy celery for you.

Strong Stem Look for celery with strong, upright stems. Must not bend is the best.
Crisp leaves. Leaves should be crisp and fresh, ranging from light to bright green. Avoid celery with yellow or brown markings.
don't chop it Chopping and storing for a few hours can lose nutrients. Celery is the same thing, so don't buy the chopped one.
Steamed celery retains most of its flavor and nutrients.
It should be eaten for 5-7 days for maximum nutritional benefits.
Eat the leaves, don't discard them, they contain the most calcium, potassium and vitamin C.
In addition to its many health benefits, celery is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. Or will be used to make both sweet and savory dishes have the same benefits.

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