you are at risk "Cardiac arrest" while playing sports?

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you are at risk "Cardiac arrest" while playing sports?

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cardiac arrest while playing sports Cardiac arrest is a sudden cardiac arrest during a sporting event or within 1 hour after exercising or practicing sports.

Causes of cardiac arrest
For athletes under the age of 35

Congenital heart muscle abnormalities, such as thickening of the heart muscle
have abnormalities in the structure of the coronary arteries
have a heart rhythm disorder The exact cause is not yet known.
thickened left ventricle wall
For athletes over 35 years old

coronary heart disease
thickened left ventricle wall
thickening of the heart muscle
A heart rhythm disorder with no apparent cause.
For groups at risk of cardiac arrest

Persons with a history of direct relatives, such as father, mother, brother or sister, died at the age of less than 50 years with unknown cause. or had severe heart disease when under the age of 60
have a history of fainting or fainting while exercising
Chest pain during exercise
Feeling unusually tired while doing various activities including exercise
How to prevent cardiac arrest while exercising
Before doing vigorous exercise, such as running a marathon, etc., consult your GP if you have a medical condition. or should have a health check to check physical fitness and a thorough heart health examination In order to check and find a way to prevent any harm to the body in a timely manner

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