6 Drinks from STARBUCKS Low Cal, Keto Diet Style

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6 Drinks from STARBUCKS Low Cal, Keto Diet Style

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Weight loss by reducing the amount of food in carbohydrates or starchy foods to a minimum. But to focus on eating protein along with good fats in the proportion of 75-80% to adjust the metabolism of the body to pull the stored fat out of use instead of sugar or starch.

Or, to put it simply, it's weight loss that focuses on protein and fat. Reduce the starch itself. In addition to the effect of weight loss, it also helps in the control of diabetes.

and if friends As someone who is interested in the keto diet and loves the menu from Starbucks, joker gaming has compiled a list of possible diets for people who are losing weight. What will be there? Let's go see!

1. Passion Tango Iced Tea: 45 calories
2.Nitro Cold Brew: 5 Calories
3.Peach Citrus White Tea: 45 calories
4.Cold Brew With Milk: 35 Calories
5.Iced Americano: 15 calories
6.Iced Blonde Latte: 130 calories