2 menus selected Drink and sleep well during weight loss

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2 menus selected Drink and sleep well during weight loss

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Who is the one who always stays up late or is the one who is insomnia on a regular basis? Having a problem like this often leads to having to face extreme hunger food late at night, especially those of you girls who are on a diet or weight loss. What should I do when I have this kind of hunger? Today we have selected foods that can help alleviate this hunger strike. Anyway, let's see what's going on together.

Make banana smoothies and eat them.
For this water, of course, the main ingredient is bananas. Banana is another fruit that helps when eating and sleeping well. sleep easier To make a banana smoothie, it's best to blend a banana with low- or no-fat milk. If anyone makes this menu, I can tell you that it's delicious. Lots of vitamins Eating can help in the secretion of substances serotonin as well, which this substance is an important aid in making you sleep soundly, but caution is not to think about it. Dangerous for people to lose weight like sugar, otherwise they can get fat as well.

Friends can see the recipe here.

Banana Blueberry Hemp Seed Smoothie Smoothie for health and weight loss

Drink some milk!!!
Milk is a drink that should be drunk especially during the bedtime. If any young woman likes to eat low-fat, low-fat, warm milk, it will help to control the weight as well. Drinking milk is not only to fill your stomach, but also to provide the body with good nutrition along with or perhaps add a little honey.

These are just a few food samples. If you eat these two things, your weight loss will be successful. At night, there will be no need to sleep and endure hunger as usual anymore. and in addition to adjusting the diet for better health and a more instant beautiful figure Do not completely neglect exercise.

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