7 things young people should know Get ready before using your fingers for happiness.

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7 things young people should know Get ready before using your fingers for happiness.

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fingers or the five maidens It is not only used for masturbation for men, but also for many women, even though they are lovers of men. Or a lesbian couple who likes to use their fingers to penetrate to the point of happiness. but before starting make love with fingers Be prepared with these 7 topics for good hygiene and continuous fining.

Get your hands ready before using your fingers to make love. make the mood soar

1. Wash your hands and cut your nails.
This must be repeated over and over again! because our hands touch all kinds of things There are countless species of germs on the palms and fingers. Therefore, you must wash your hands thoroughly. No matter how rushed it is, it should not be overlooked. The nail part is even more important. Couples who use their fingers regularly know that. Whoever hands with long nails, girls will not appreciate it. Think about it. We still feel a little pain when we use our nails to scratch our arms. and if the nails are long Bump in and out in the sensitive parts of women. It's probably going to be irritating for several days. You will get non-menstrual blood on your fingernails again. It's scary!

2. Rings and watches should be completely removed.
Remember, these accessories are solids that can inflict pain on a woman's intimate area. including cold temperatures of metal that may make women feel strange and not satisfied Let's just take it off and put it next to the head of the bed first. Or if you don't trust anyone, take it off and put it in your pants pocket.

3. Warm your hands, ready to use.
Cold fingers may fight warm tendons. As he said they couldn't. But if you warm up your fingers and keep them warm, then the girls are sure to be satisfied. Just rub your palms or soak them in warm water before playing finger music. It will make women feel as good as going to a spa. But if you force a cold finger It might make her startle until she loses her temper. Including anyone with rough hands should find a cream. (That won't hurt) Let's nourish the skin. Leave it like this, women are not pleased!

4. Prepare the lubricating gel.
before starting to use fingers on the girl's reserved spots You need to give her enough lubrication to prevent friction and pain. Or if you try to comfort your sister but your sister is as dry as a desert This time, you will need a helper like lubricating gel. Pets stimulate emotions for girls. Creates a natural lubricant faster

5. Start slowly from the outside.
This one takes the art of palms and fingers a bit. Don't just attack, take it off, put it on right away, there's no way you'll be satisfied! must be gradual Start from the outside caressing. An important point that should not be missed is the “clitoris” with over 8,000 nerve endings in total, gently dragging your hand back and forth, but do not crush it from the start. Women will be hurt until they can't go on. It also irritates the skin.

6. Constant cadence is more important than accelerating hard.
Many people think quick maiden will make women reach the climax But the truth is that it hurts and hurts more than happiness. It is recommended that you use a steady hand stroke. By this time, many organs had to work in harmony, rhythmically moving the palm of the hand in and out. As the fingertips pressed against the inner G spot, the eyes had to keep an eye on the couple's mood. along with the ears to listen to her voice as well If you're not asking to speed up, don't change your pace. But when you say it slowly change speed should not be rushed immediately

7. No need to insert your finger and you're done.
In fact, women can have orgasms just by rubbing their fingers outside. Especially the clitoris, which is the trigger point if the girls do not want their fingers to be inserted. You can also tease the outside until she has an ****** too.

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