Yam Dok Kajon is considered a healthy food.

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Yam Dok Kajon is considered a healthy food.

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Kajon flowers have properties that help relieve dizziness. nausea and vomiting Treat colds caused by wind or cold air, nourish the liver, nourish the eyes, nourish the blood, nourish the hormones of women, help expel phlegm and cure flatulence. Plus, this menu helps to lose weight as well. It is considered a really healthy food.

- 1 cup curry flowers
- 1 cup minced pork
- 1 cup whole coconut milk, head and tail
- 3-4 shallots
- 5-6 chili peppers
- Fish sauce, lemon

Pick out the stalks of crocus flowers and boil them with coconut milk. If the coconut milk is less, add water and boil until cooked, stirring the minced pork and set aside. Alley shallots, paprika, mix everything together. Season with fish sauce, lime.

If you don't want to have high cholesterol, don't use coconut milk. If it's hot, you can blanch the crocus flowers. Do not boil with coconut milk Because the fat from coconut milk will increase the energy of this dish even more. Instead of eating and being cool, expel phlegm, it will be hot and cold. And the sting in the throat wasted in vain. Oily food and coconut milk are the cause of mucus in the throat. If someone has a lot of mucus, do not use coconut milk. Blanch the crocus flowers. And then the yam is delicious as well.

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