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Messaggio da andrea.parrella » ven ott 26, 2007 17:53

(Almost) All roads lead to Rome
Good game mechanic but the excessive length of the matches spoils all the fun.

Simple mechanics, nothing too original, the huge number of cards in the player’s hand gives the player many choices, but the games is so made that there’s only one winning strategy.

American Booty
The game mechanic is spoiled by the excessive randomness of the whole system.

Around the World
An extremely complex game, too much for this kind of production.

An interesting game, the draw mechanic is not too original; there’s a small bug in the card passing phase (it’s always better not to give away the correct card), an interesting point assignation system.

This game is not completely adhering to the subject and not too original, even if it’s an immediate and involving product.

Too few interactions between players (it’s almost a solitarie), the length of the match is artificially decided.

Interesting and functional game mechanics. The point calculation system, however, is not too smooth and must be repeated after every move.

Descent to hades
The resources exploitment system only allows one winning strategy.

Too few interactions and too few strategic choices for the players.

Domestic Airport
This game would have an ideal complement with a board. With just cards to play with, it’s somehow incomplete.

A race game where the only strategic option seems to be whether to use a card for your advantage or for the other player’s disadvantage.

Grand Tour
An excessively complex game mechanic leaves too short a room for the player’s choices; the point assignation system is far too complex and long to complete.

Il commesso viaggiatore
The cards, in the form they have been submitted, are too complex. The random factor plays a too much important role.

Il Palio dei Wi-kii
The board is too big and not easy to use, too few strategies available for players.

Even considering the ironic setting of the game, the mechanic (almost completely based on randomness) could have been more complete and elaborated.

La maledizione del Tempio
The role-playing game mechanics are not too viable for this kind of card game.

Le brughiere di campospino
A game for two players, with an excessively big board and short in tactical depth.

Phantom in the woods
Too few interactions between players and too low control over the game.

Round trip
The game mechanics are way too simple and should have been more deeply developed.

A too long and complex game for the intended genre and mechanics.

Sunshine returns
The submitted game did not respect at all the subject of the contest.

A too much abstract game. Even though the mechanics are working, it’s too complex and this spoils the fun.

Tempus Fugit (Ricci - Massagrande)
A fight-game with simple – but not too intriguing – mechanics. Tactical choices are too few.

Tempus Fugit (Polloni)
The role-playing game mechanics are not too viable for this kind of card game. Too few strategies available to players.

The lighthouses of Bermuda
The submitted game did not respect at all the subject of the contest.

Trans Siberia
The game mechanics are working but would need to undergo a deeper development.

Travelling Around Taiwan
The game mechanics are a little too complex, matches tend to be too long.

VI continente
Dices, necessary complement for this prototype, are not allowed in the submitted games.

Viaggiatori e pigri
In this game, more than one half of the cards are only used for point calculation; the auction mechanic has a great potential, but since it has been modified to adhere to the contest main theme (travels), it ends in being not immediate and so matches tend to be less smooth and enjoyable.

Ze Alien
The game is out-of-topic, despite the efforts to insert – in a too much artificial way – the main theme of the contest (the players travels). It’s an overall fast and funny game that has been submitted to daVinci Games for an extra-contest evaluation.