4 behaviors to do If you want to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin

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4 behaviors to do If you want to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin

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Want to have beautiful skin? Indicate that our skin care habits are here. We tend to take care of the skin by express delivery, I think this is taking care of it fully. But maybe it's not enough If you want to change your skin to be beautiful We have to change ourselves to be new as well. So let's get started. Abstain from these behaviors and make your skin feel good.

1. Squeeze acne
Absolutely stop. Let's explore how many acne spots this year the facial skin has been damaged by. Squeezing pimples doesn't help treat acne. But it makes the skin more vulnerable to the same acne spot again. More importantly, it will leave red and black scars from acne as well. If you do not want to have to go to laser or skin treatment for a long time Stop squeezing acne completely.

2. Abstain from alcohol
Although the end of the year until next year is a time of celebration But alcohol is not a necessity at all. And it is a major obstacle for our beautiful skin with alcohol to make pores. Makes acne happen easily. Of course, it will remove moisture from our skin as well. Which causes the skin to be extremely dehydrated anyway, if you do not want to get worn over the years Abstain from drinking is good.

3. Warm water
Taking a hot shower is not wrong. But you might be showering the wrong way. Warm water, we open it to the right temperature. Not heating the skin until it is better to occur. And after taking a warm bath If not in very cold weather, it is recommended to use cold water to tighten the skin better. And after taking a shower, it is best to nourish your skin with an intensive nourishing cream or lotion. To add moisture to the skin And take care of the skin to be soft, smooth, not dry

4. Make-up accessories
Since the end of the year has ended. Stop using the same tools and make up. I didn't tell you to buy a new one. But we should clean the window accessories such as washing brushes, changing puffs, washing sponges a little better. Throw away the accumulated bacteria. So your skin does not easily develop pimples, as these devices are a large collection of bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

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