Gastritis and food choices.

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Gastritis and food choices.

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Gastritis is a disorder caused by inflammation of the stomach lining. which may occur suddenly or chronically And there are several types depending on the cause of the disease. It is most often caused by infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori). Patients with this disease usually have mild symptoms. and heal in a short time if treated properly But some types of gastritis can cause peptic ulcers. and increase the risk of cancer as a result

However, eating certain foods may help keep the symptoms from worsening. or help alleviate symptoms But patients should also be treated for illnesses that cause gastritis. such as Helicobacter pylori infection and avoiding the underlying factors such as drinking alcohol Eating spicy food or certain foods that trigger an exacerbation. as well as should always observe their symptoms If the symptoms are severe or have a chronic illness You should see your doctor for proper treatment. Along with adjusting eating habits as well

Good food for gastritis patients

Each type of food that people eat. Affects the digestive system and overall health greatly. especially those with digestive disorders such as gastritis Should choose foods that are good for the digestive system. Does not cause stomach irritation And has properties to help relieve symptoms as well as follows.

➠Foods rich in fiber such as legumes, carrots, broccoli, oats, apples, etc.
➠ low acidity diet or alkaline foods such as vegetables
➠ Low-fat foods such as chicken breasts, meat, fish, etc.
➠Food prepared using olive oil and canola oil as the main
➠ Whole grains such as whole wheat bread, cereals, brown rice, etc.
➠ Non-carbonated beverages and no caffeine
➠ Probiotic foods, which are microorganisms and Yeast in groups that are beneficial to the body such as pickled cabbage, kimchi, fermented tea, yogurt, etc., as research has shown that probiotics may help prevent helicobacter pylori infection, etc. cause of gastritis and the occurrence of stomach ulcers

In addition to choosing foods that are beneficial to the digestive system. Patients should adjust their dietary habits accordingly. They should not eat food at least 2 hours before going to bed and avoid large meals at a time by turning to eat small meals but eating more often instead.

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