Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2 adds a new color, Titanium White, available at a price of 22,990 baht.

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Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2 adds a new color, Titanium White, available at a price of 22,990 baht.

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Lenovo announces the release Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 Smartphone Gaming Smartphone Titanium White comes with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 5G mobile platform chipset, 12GB LPDDR5 memory and 128GB UFS 3.1 capacity, fully with dual fan cooling system. twin-turbo type to control the machine temperature

The battery comes with a fast charging system for gamers to play games continuously for a long time. Virtual touch controls Octa-Trigger and Dual HaptiX respond to all controls while playing the game as if you were using a real button. The high-resolution camera makes it easy for gamers to livestream.

Enhance your gaming experience on your smartphone to perfection.
The Legion Phone Duel 2 comes with a 6.92-inch AMOLED screen that offers a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz and a finger press response speed of up to 720Hz, providing realistic fun in every movement while playing.

The screen comes with Delta E color quality.
The device comes with a 44MP pop-up camera and an ultra-wide autofocus lens. It enables flawless 4K game streaming even in low light. The Legion Phone Duel 2 also features a 64MP wide rear camera and a 16MP ultra-wide camera that captures every detail in images and can record up to 8K video. or HDR 10+ and intelligent AI features such as a microphone that can cancel noise Enhance the livestreaming of gamers.

Full performance that is both fast and powerful.
Provides complete machine performance with ATA 2.0 (Advanced Technology Architecture) architecture for efficient heat dissipation. Supports long gaming sessions Powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ chipset on the 888 5G platform for smartphones.

With 12GB LPDDR5 memory and 128GB UFS3.1 storage for ******** gaming. fast connection With smooth signal quality, support for 5G and WiFi 6 connections, Legion Phone Duel 2 is a powerful mobile gaming device.

Play the game continuously with dual size batteries and supports a 90W charger that can be charged via the USB-C port, allowing charging from 0-100% in just 30 minutes. In addition, the Phalanx Battery Protection system also monitors for the proper charging speed.

There is a bypass mode to prevent overcharging. joker game temperature control Allows longer battery life Even after 1,200 full charge cycles, this battery can still deliver up to 85% of its maximum capacity.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 White Titanium White, 12GB memory, 128GB capacity, available at a price of 22,990 baht.