"Cooking flour" benefits of housework That the cook and the housewife should know

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"Cooking flour" benefits of housework That the cook and the housewife should know

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"Powder" here we are not talking about powder for cosmetic use. But we're referring to cooking flour. There are many types of cooking flours, including wheat flour, corn flour, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, etc. If you think of the benefits directly, these flours are used directly for cooking, baking, but do you know that cooking flour is also useful for household chores? And is one of the important tricks that housewives And cooks should know

1. Use ants repellent powder.
This is another way to keep ants from disturbing. Without the use of chemicals Or cause the ant to die Just take any type of cooking powder that you have on your kitchen and sprinkle it along the way the ants walk. Or niches in the corners of the room that do not want to be disturbed by ants

2. Make glue
We may be familiar with wet powder. Which is considered to be something that can be used to hold or make it stick together And popularly made for use in inventions Or various handicrafts But for making simple self-adhesive glue If at that time the house had no glue You can also make your own glue by adding 1 cup of all purpose flour, pouring about 1/2 cup of water down and over. Then stir the water and flour to be homogeneous. Before adding a little salt When the poor get along well, it is all done. You will have glue that is white like regular glue, but more transparent.

3. Reduce the moisture and musty smell of sneakers.
Anyone who likes to wear sneakers During this time, the rain continues to experience a problem with damp shoes. And there is a musty smell How to remove moisture And get rid of those musty smells is to sprinkle cornstarch in the shoes all over. And put it in a ventilated corner Leave it for about 1 night in the morning to remove the powder. Your favorite pair of sneakers will come back dry and look good to wear.

4. Remove grease stains on fabric.
Another feature of cooking starch is that it absorbs oil. If found stains on the fabric If used as normal washing, the grease may not come off. But if we use cornstarch over it and leave it for about 1 day before taking out the starch and washing it. The powder will absorb the oil. Make those stains away

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Re: "Cooking flour" benefits of housework That the cook and the housewife should know

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